Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today's run.

This morning, I got my happy little butt out of bed at 6:15 and proceeded to drive to the trail (yes, I realize it's weird that I drive to workout..but, it's the best spot in town for my long runs!) and get a two hour run in!

I've been running since the summer after my junior year at HPU - and haven't run a marathon yet, so this is part of training..I don't just go for 2 hour runs for fun. Even though I FREAKIN LOVE RUNNING.

So..maybe they are for fun?

Now that that's out of my system..I had some weird thoughts while running. Two hours is a long time to be in your own head. And I thought I'd share some!

1. I have to poop already?! (yes..runners think about poop A LOT. I'm not kidding. Ask one.)

2. AHHH STOP TRYING TO KILL ME BIKER! (seriously..I almost died like 122498 times today. Why do bikers think they can take up the ENTIRE trail?! Ugh.)


Yay for bike puns!

3. Speaking of bikers..why does that biker look like Gollum?! (speaking of, that's terrifying. And mean. I'm mean. But still..oh lord, scary)


(See..okay, I was totally going to find a real Gollum picture - BUT, THAT ^ IS WAY BETTER!!)

4. HI NATALIE! (my runner friend Natalie ran past me - she's the only one in my life that understands my need/want/desire to run crazy amounts! Yay!)

5. Holy wow. Natalie is fast. Ugh..I'm slow. Okay, not slow..just slower.

6. My feet hurt. No..wait, that's just a rock in my shoe.

7. Poop. (told you..again. Gross. But ALL lady-like things go out the window!)


(I've never shot a snot rocket. I'm not THAT unlady-like!)

8. That man shouldn't have his shirt off. (again..I'm mean. But seriously..)


(he definitely didn't look like this..but I think it's silly - and I love it.)

9. Jelly beans are the BEST fuel! IN THE WORLD!

10. What does Taylor Swift listen to when she's angry at boys? Because I listen to her. And she has to have someone to listen to too. Maybe she's really into screamo music. Or maybe she's classy and listens to jazz or something. 

(seriously - I had a like 20 minute thinking sesh on Taylor Swift..)


11. GET YOUR DOG OUT OF MY WAY! (I'm always this close to tripping over someone's dog. Ugh. Get out.)

12. And this :


E-cards for the win.


And those are just some of them. I think my mind wanders. Far. Super far. And then I remember that running is the best people watching! 

Except for airport people watching. I don't think it can get any better!
(speaking of..can I seriously go back to Colorado?!)

But as I'm people watching, I think about how wonderful running is. Yeah, obviously there are AMAZING health benefits, but it brings together all kinds of people. Young, old, fat, thin, fast, slow - it's great. And it's the first place I've really felt at home in a long time. 


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