Sunday, June 2, 2013

I just found out..

that the first place half marathoner at the Rock n Roll San Diego ran it in 58 minutes. LITERALLY 4:29 minutes a mile. Holy shit, right?!?

Let's just say the man is QUICK!!

In slower person (me!) news - I went to "Celebrate Fort Worth" last night. A man from Disney opened up his own company (I think..he kept talking and talking about a dream and something else - needless to say, I zoned!) in Fort Worth. And to celebrate, he had singers and the orchestra from MY church (woo!) performed. I didn't even know we had an orchestra?

And..there were :


Life is so much better when fireworks are involved! 

Also. Santa was there. And let's be IS ALWAYS better when Santa is involved. So, fireworks + Santa = a very entertained Caitlin.

More news - I'm thinking of getting this : 

I'm a little bit of a chicken though. I'm not sure. But, I think it's wonderful and probably, if I get one, that'll be it.

I'm off to work on homework. I'm shooting (with a camera, obviously) some night scenes with my friend Josh acting as my body guard. AKA it's an excuse for me to get to see my buddy. He's very busy at school, so when I get to steal him..I do.


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