Monday, September 16, 2013


I officially have two degrees.

Well, I'll have the second one in my hands in December.

After pursuing a 4 year degree from a great school, I decided it wasn't going to take me where I actually wanted to go. I continued with art school and settled on one in Fort Worth. And a year and almost two months later, I've completed another degree. Something I didn't think was going to happen - then again, I almost didn't go to college the first time.

I had a MAJOR anxiety attack two months before graduating high school.

My mom says I like to see a finish.

I couldn't see past the next two months. I saw my high school graduation and then..nothing.

Ding ding's right again. (that sounds bitter..and it's definitely not. It just kind of amazes me sometimes..

because I think I'm all mysterious and no one will understand me and all that..and then mom predicts just about everything about me. Then again..she did raise me. And I'm 50% her. Sometimes more, sometimes less.)

I started jogging down memory lane to say this: I'm tired. But I'm thankful for this path. I made a decision to go out into the world on my own - I do 85% of everything completely alone. And I think my life has changed drastically.

My relationships are better. I'm a better artist. I am more confident and independent. And God has never felt more real than during this last year and two months.

It's also been the hardest year of my life. I don't think I've cried this much ever. Or had my anxiety run me ragged. I'm just interested to see what the next part is. Where God will lead me.

I'm hoping for an adventure...<3

Monday, August 26, 2013


SO. Since I'm not cool enough for cable - I'm watching the VMAs on demand on tonight. I like talking about these things, but everyones already seen it, so I'm sticking to blogging my thoughts instead of tweeting..

Here we go:

1. Oh. Lady Gaga. Um. You still make me uncomfortable.

2. LOVE One Direction. Adorbs.

I just kind of want to hug them. Especially Niall.

3. Sweet cut to Taylor Swift while Harry Styles is on stage. Like that wasn't expected.

4. They cut to Taylor, but no Bieber during Selena's win?! That's weird. 

5. Vanessa Bayer. You are just as annoying as the real Miley Cyrus.. stop.

6. Miley comes out..Drake has his head down. *don't look don't look...*

7. I still don't understand the huge teddy bears. Or her facination with big butts. 

8. Liam, can do so SO so much better..

You're welcome for a random picture of the way.

9. Miley. You're trying too hard. You're not raunchy. You're just disgusting. 

10. "Can't Hold Us" is my jam.

Also. Anytime you video is up on a boat..I'm down. ("I'm On A Boat" anyone? Hahaha. I still love that video and song..hilarious.)

11. Macklemore's fiance looks super normal. Which is hilarious because he's cray.

12. WHAT IS THAT SOUND BEHIND THE KANYE PERFORMANCE? It sounds like a 12343 year old lady...weird.

...and then I skipped to Taylor Swift winning her award. Couldn't handle Kanye. 

13. Oh said the exact thing that everyone expected you to say. But I loved your hair.


My love for that man will never die. Said every girl I know. BUT SERIOUSLY. Hot. Always.

15. Love the people walking through while JT is singing "Take Back the Night" 

16. I always kind of forget that Justin is an incredible dancer too. Which is stupid. I know.

17. What's up flying mic during "Cry Me A River"! 

18. I wonder how it feels to make a whole stadium get up and dance like that..crazy..

19. ..and then he plays the piano. OH BABY BABY.


You don't get ANY better. Seriously. 



....aaaand, I'm done shouting.

And then I skipped a bunch..I wanted to hear Drake.

23. I still can't believe the kid in the wheelchair from Degrassi is Drake. Jimmy..that was his name. Oh lawd. That show was CRAZY.

24. During Drake's performance..Harry Styles is peeling an orange..because that's normal..

25. Tay Tay has become a little bit of a snark during the VMAs..maybe she's tired of being made fun of? I still like her. 

Especially her hair. 

26. I just want Ed Sheran to win for his video..because Rupert Grint is in it. And I love me some Ron Weasley :)

...skipped a bit more so I could see:

27. But I don't understand why he was acting like he was in a Shakespeare play...? You're not?

28. JGL is still cute. Even when he talks like that..


I mean..that doesn't really need any comment.

But damn.


31. I'm so glad there are sweaty men during "Roar"..ew?

32. Katy's getting her work out in. That's nice of MTV. 



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's been a while..

since I could..hold my head up high.

Staind? Anyone?

Ha. Awkward silence. I bet I was the only person who liked that song - but only when I was bummed. Since it's not a happy song. Not at all.

I haven't updated in a while - and I guess it doesn't really matter a whole lot if I do, since I'm sure no one reads this thing. But sometimes, it's nice to just let loose and let your thoughts run.

I've been super busy with getting my final portfolio finished and graduation. I technically don't graduate until December, but I'll finish the 3rd week in September.

What I think of quarters and graduating 3 months after I'm done with classes:

BUT - I already have a full time job. 


Yes. Truth. I've been hired as a sales something or other with the event photography company that I've been working for. It's 100% not my dream job (but no one will pay me to watch tv for them...seriously. Dream freakin job!) 

(I'd be the Olympic gold medalist for diving...onto the couch and watching tv.)

BUT - this company is small. The pay is pretty decent. I'll be working in my field. I wont have to do the same thing every day. And it's fairly close to my house. SOLD.

I'm a little freaked out at the possibility of school ending though - and that I'll actually have to pick a job and go to it everyday. I never thought I'd like to be a full time student so much..

Even though school makes me wanna puke right now. I'm just done. But not ready to go into the "work force".


k thanks bye <3

Monday, August 12, 2013


...a duck nugget?

Clearly someone on Pinterest is confused.

I'll update properly soon..I just
had to get this little "nugget" (thank you, thank you - I'll be here I'll week!)
out into the world.. <3

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ellen for President.

A friend of mine posted THIS this afternoon - and I'm just going to go ahead and say I'm all for Ellen being president.

And this is when my Christian friends go "whaaaaat?"

This is why she'd be great:

Whatever her "preference" is, that's definitely none of my business! And I believe 100% that our country is all caught up in that! I don't have to like it, but I sure as HECK better love all people. That's what I'm called to do.

So whether you're gay, straight, confused, or whatever - that's up to you and the good Lord above. Not me. And no one should be punished, beaten, hurt, or suicidal because of someones big mouth!! Especially to all kids out there :

It breaks my heart that kids these days have to deal with the kind of things they have to do it. And she's 100% right - they should be alive to see that everything gets BETTER!

Other than the serious stuff - this happens : 

And then you not only want to hug her - you want her to be your best friend. 

This may all be funny to think of her as president, but dang - if we all had her outlook, this world may be a little better! I'm glad for good people like Ellen.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Business cards..

I have to create a business card for my homework in my portfolio class. I am looking for inspiration and found some SWEET ones I want to share :

Props to Emerson Taymor. Serious props. A POP UP? Genius.

A divorce lawyer. Clever.

Exactly what I need as a photographer - but I'm sure it's ridiculously expensive.

Someone needs their mouth washed out with soap..

I will. Thank you for the reminder!

I dig it, Wes Thomas. I totally dig it.

And last but certainly not least:


Done. Totally making balloons.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

iTunes giftcards are the

As if people still say ""...mooooving on:

This baby is now in my possession: 

I'm soaking in everything there is to do with marathons lately. Training to run your first (in FEBRUARY!) will do that to you!

Also in my possession:


Geeky, tall, muscular and SO SO adorable.

Also. He's a good actor. Seriously.
No matter how cheesy that movie is!

The Dark Knight was/is the best movie I've ever seen in theaters. (that and Anna Karenina..seriously. Go watch it.) Heath Ledger's performance gave me chills.

And nightmares. That man was GOOD.

I'm all for anything Steve Carell.
As are most people, but this movie is just good.

A feel good movie.

I also got some new tunes for my long runs. Equally as exciting. I wish people would give me iTunes gift cards all the time! 


Have you guys seen the video of the gazelle and the lions?

Check it out HERE!

SO damn cool.

I love some Ecards.


Harry Potter jokes/pictures/videos/movies/books/etc will NEVER get old.

Til the very end?