Monday, July 29, 2013

Ellen for President.

A friend of mine posted THIS this afternoon - and I'm just going to go ahead and say I'm all for Ellen being president.

And this is when my Christian friends go "whaaaaat?"

This is why she'd be great:

Whatever her "preference" is, that's definitely none of my business! And I believe 100% that our country is all caught up in that! I don't have to like it, but I sure as HECK better love all people. That's what I'm called to do.

So whether you're gay, straight, confused, or whatever - that's up to you and the good Lord above. Not me. And no one should be punished, beaten, hurt, or suicidal because of someones big mouth!! Especially to all kids out there :

It breaks my heart that kids these days have to deal with the kind of things they have to do it. And she's 100% right - they should be alive to see that everything gets BETTER!

Other than the serious stuff - this happens : 

And then you not only want to hug her - you want her to be your best friend. 

This may all be funny to think of her as president, but dang - if we all had her outlook, this world may be a little better! I'm glad for good people like Ellen.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Business cards..

I have to create a business card for my homework in my portfolio class. I am looking for inspiration and found some SWEET ones I want to share :

Props to Emerson Taymor. Serious props. A POP UP? Genius.

A divorce lawyer. Clever.

Exactly what I need as a photographer - but I'm sure it's ridiculously expensive.

Someone needs their mouth washed out with soap..

I will. Thank you for the reminder!

I dig it, Wes Thomas. I totally dig it.

And last but certainly not least:


Done. Totally making balloons.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

iTunes giftcards are the

As if people still say ""...mooooving on:

This baby is now in my possession: 

I'm soaking in everything there is to do with marathons lately. Training to run your first (in FEBRUARY!) will do that to you!

Also in my possession:


Geeky, tall, muscular and SO SO adorable.

Also. He's a good actor. Seriously.
No matter how cheesy that movie is!

The Dark Knight was/is the best movie I've ever seen in theaters. (that and Anna Karenina..seriously. Go watch it.) Heath Ledger's performance gave me chills.

And nightmares. That man was GOOD.

I'm all for anything Steve Carell.
As are most people, but this movie is just good.

A feel good movie.

I also got some new tunes for my long runs. Equally as exciting. I wish people would give me iTunes gift cards all the time! 


Have you guys seen the video of the gazelle and the lions?

Check it out HERE!

SO damn cool.

I love some Ecards.


Harry Potter jokes/pictures/videos/movies/books/etc will NEVER get old.

Til the very end?


Monday, July 8, 2013

Last week looked like this :

Zoo, fireworks, swimming, food, dancing, silliness & lots of lovin'. 
It was goooood <3

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I have a computer again!
My sweet parents helped a sista out and I'm the proud owner of a new Mac Book Pro! *insert happy dance here*

They, along with my niece and nephew, came to my house for four days. Chaos ensues. I'll update with all of that soon. And I'll include too many photos of my niece and nephew. You're welcome in advance.

Whenever I'm with my parents lately, I think about "what's next". Granted, I think about "what's next" often. I graduate in a little less than three months and next isn't planned. I've been here before. Before high school graduation, before college graduation number one..and it's all happened. It all gets figured out - and I laugh because I got nervous for no reason..

I don't know why I continue to think about it then - and not trust, that like many times before, it'll happen when it's supposed to happen. I guess part of me just wants to figure it out..

I like puzzles and "next" is my next puzzle.

I trust the Lord. I do. I guess I just like to help too. Does anyone else feel like that?