Friday, June 28, 2013

Life without a computer..

A week and a half ago, my computer decided it no longer wanted to live. Brought it to the Apple store, and they told me that my hard drive was shot.


Just when I need to edit a ton of wedding photos. From a bride who complained about how much we agreed on as payment. Mess.

Good things are happening too : I went to a fun concert with some of my friends, had some decent runs, my family is going to come for 4th of July, and I started my internship with the Arts Council yesterday! With rain comes sunshine, right?

Now, some inspiration (using my work computer..shh!) :


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

IPhone Dump.

"Now You See Me" is AWESOME. Go. See. It. 

Cuz of this guy : 

Yup. It's official. I've decided to be Team Dave and not Team James. 
The Franco Bros are HOT though.
Their mom is probably like "you're welcome world.."

Changed my mind on a tattoo (again..)

I like it. Reminds me how loved I am by my Savior :)

I also love this : 

High five to whoever thought of it. 
Hit my funny bone!

Best thing about today:

Rocked my new glasses!
I feel a little like Clark Kent.

Which I like.

Going to bible study - hope yall had a great day!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ramblings of a single woman.

I can't stop thinking about my future husband.
I bet a thousand girls my age say that a day. How cliche.

But seriously, that picture is right - that's what it looks like.

I wish I could be one of those "oh I'm cool with being single..I love being single.." kind of people, but it always seems to be in the back of my head.

And then I talk myself out of it.

I say "well, I do like being alone.." - and then immediately I'm like "BUT I DONT WANT TO BE ALONE FOREVER".
That terror hits. Every. Single. Time.

God hears my thoughts - and knows my heart. Why is it easy to say that but believing is a daily struggle? Am I the only one that struggles to let God handle that? I don't think I am. And I wish I could let it go, easily, but it's been hard..

But I'm working on it..

Friday, June 7, 2013

Big things happened yesterday :

Yesterday - marked one year of living in Fort Worth!
Doesn't even feel like that at all!

my sweet niece graduated Pre-K (!!! proud of her !!!) :

I took pictures of this crazy - which meant I was finished with all
my projects for this semester :

And I convinced ^ that guy to get doughnuts with me.
It was a real struggle.
It took a lot of convincing.

I also did a short (and I mean short) 3 mile run yesterday.
To, you know, balance out the doughnuts :)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Man Crush Monday..on Tuesday..

I'm currently in a relationship with two men..that will definitely occupy my Monday nights. 

Dylan O'Brien (Styles for lyyyyyyfe, y'all) from
"Teen Wolf" - season 3 started yesterday!
Yeahh buddy.

And Drew from the Bachelorette!
He's just so darling.

In real life looks like this :

I'm finishing up finals for classes. And I really can't think about anything else right now. 
(except for cute guys apparently..haha)

Real talk : I can't wait for summer break!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

I just found out..

that the first place half marathoner at the Rock n Roll San Diego ran it in 58 minutes. LITERALLY 4:29 minutes a mile. Holy shit, right?!?

Let's just say the man is QUICK!!

In slower person (me!) news - I went to "Celebrate Fort Worth" last night. A man from Disney opened up his own company (I think..he kept talking and talking about a dream and something else - needless to say, I zoned!) in Fort Worth. And to celebrate, he had singers and the orchestra from MY church (woo!) performed. I didn't even know we had an orchestra?

And..there were :


Life is so much better when fireworks are involved! 

Also. Santa was there. And let's be IS ALWAYS better when Santa is involved. So, fireworks + Santa = a very entertained Caitlin.

More news - I'm thinking of getting this : 

I'm a little bit of a chicken though. I'm not sure. But, I think it's wonderful and probably, if I get one, that'll be it.

I'm off to work on homework. I'm shooting (with a camera, obviously) some night scenes with my friend Josh acting as my body guard. AKA it's an excuse for me to get to see my buddy. He's very busy at school, so when I get to steal him..I do.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today's run.

This morning, I got my happy little butt out of bed at 6:15 and proceeded to drive to the trail (yes, I realize it's weird that I drive to workout..but, it's the best spot in town for my long runs!) and get a two hour run in!

I've been running since the summer after my junior year at HPU - and haven't run a marathon yet, so this is part of training..I don't just go for 2 hour runs for fun. Even though I FREAKIN LOVE RUNNING.

So..maybe they are for fun?

Now that that's out of my system..I had some weird thoughts while running. Two hours is a long time to be in your own head. And I thought I'd share some!

1. I have to poop already?! (yes..runners think about poop A LOT. I'm not kidding. Ask one.)

2. AHHH STOP TRYING TO KILL ME BIKER! (seriously..I almost died like 122498 times today. Why do bikers think they can take up the ENTIRE trail?! Ugh.)


Yay for bike puns!

3. Speaking of bikers..why does that biker look like Gollum?! (speaking of, that's terrifying. And mean. I'm mean. But still..oh lord, scary)


(See..okay, I was totally going to find a real Gollum picture - BUT, THAT ^ IS WAY BETTER!!)

4. HI NATALIE! (my runner friend Natalie ran past me - she's the only one in my life that understands my need/want/desire to run crazy amounts! Yay!)

5. Holy wow. Natalie is fast. Ugh..I'm slow. Okay, not slow..just slower.

6. My feet hurt. No..wait, that's just a rock in my shoe.

7. Poop. (told you..again. Gross. But ALL lady-like things go out the window!)


(I've never shot a snot rocket. I'm not THAT unlady-like!)

8. That man shouldn't have his shirt off. (again..I'm mean. But seriously..)


(he definitely didn't look like this..but I think it's silly - and I love it.)

9. Jelly beans are the BEST fuel! IN THE WORLD!

10. What does Taylor Swift listen to when she's angry at boys? Because I listen to her. And she has to have someone to listen to too. Maybe she's really into screamo music. Or maybe she's classy and listens to jazz or something. 

(seriously - I had a like 20 minute thinking sesh on Taylor Swift..)


11. GET YOUR DOG OUT OF MY WAY! (I'm always this close to tripping over someone's dog. Ugh. Get out.)

12. And this :


E-cards for the win.


And those are just some of them. I think my mind wanders. Far. Super far. And then I remember that running is the best people watching! 

Except for airport people watching. I don't think it can get any better!
(speaking of..can I seriously go back to Colorado?!)

But as I'm people watching, I think about how wonderful running is. Yeah, obviously there are AMAZING health benefits, but it brings together all kinds of people. Young, old, fat, thin, fast, slow - it's great. And it's the first place I've really felt at home in a long time.