Monday, September 16, 2013


I officially have two degrees.

Well, I'll have the second one in my hands in December.

After pursuing a 4 year degree from a great school, I decided it wasn't going to take me where I actually wanted to go. I continued with art school and settled on one in Fort Worth. And a year and almost two months later, I've completed another degree. Something I didn't think was going to happen - then again, I almost didn't go to college the first time.

I had a MAJOR anxiety attack two months before graduating high school.

My mom says I like to see a finish.

I couldn't see past the next two months. I saw my high school graduation and then..nothing.

Ding ding's right again. (that sounds bitter..and it's definitely not. It just kind of amazes me sometimes..

because I think I'm all mysterious and no one will understand me and all that..and then mom predicts just about everything about me. Then again..she did raise me. And I'm 50% her. Sometimes more, sometimes less.)

I started jogging down memory lane to say this: I'm tired. But I'm thankful for this path. I made a decision to go out into the world on my own - I do 85% of everything completely alone. And I think my life has changed drastically.

My relationships are better. I'm a better artist. I am more confident and independent. And God has never felt more real than during this last year and two months.

It's also been the hardest year of my life. I don't think I've cried this much ever. Or had my anxiety run me ragged. I'm just interested to see what the next part is. Where God will lead me.

I'm hoping for an adventure...<3

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