Sunday, July 7, 2013


I have a computer again!
My sweet parents helped a sista out and I'm the proud owner of a new Mac Book Pro! *insert happy dance here*

They, along with my niece and nephew, came to my house for four days. Chaos ensues. I'll update with all of that soon. And I'll include too many photos of my niece and nephew. You're welcome in advance.

Whenever I'm with my parents lately, I think about "what's next". Granted, I think about "what's next" often. I graduate in a little less than three months and next isn't planned. I've been here before. Before high school graduation, before college graduation number one..and it's all happened. It all gets figured out - and I laugh because I got nervous for no reason..

I don't know why I continue to think about it then - and not trust, that like many times before, it'll happen when it's supposed to happen. I guess part of me just wants to figure it out..

I like puzzles and "next" is my next puzzle.

I trust the Lord. I do. I guess I just like to help too. Does anyone else feel like that?


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